Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Techie Tuesday

So here's to another theatre life post. I don't know if I'll write about something theatre related every Tuesday, but I'm trying it out for the time being. I'm a tech. It's what I do. It may very well be who I am. I swear there's something about theatre. It's not just a job, it can take over your life, it can be a driving force, it can eat up all of your time. It's something you have to really love to do and I love it. 

I get a lot of people thinking I'm a tech because I'm a failed actor, but no. I'm a tech because I love tech. Dressing in head to toe black six days of the week isn't great, but the rewards are amazing. You're working in a communal environment and seeing the results. It can be physically challenging work and that's half the fun. 

Recently I've been doubling as an LX designer (lighting designer) on a small show I'm working on. Such a fantastic challenge. We're outdoors; it's a site specific piece, meaning the site is an integral part of the show. Because we're not in a traditional theatre space we can't use stage lighting. Challenge Accepted. 

The other night I found myself precariously dangling off of a jungle gym, attempting to get a large work light up. I of course fell. Hurt like hell. But I managed to get the light up and felt like a genius despite my bruises. I also managed to figure out how to get a follow spot out of a flashlight. It's been so much working out these crazy new problems. 

Now all I need to do is figure out where I can buy R99 gels in the city for cheap.

By the way guys, don't follow my safety advice. Never hang off of a jungle gym to hang a light. You could smash the lamp or you know, yourself.

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