Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2013

This is my first attempt at a Top Ten Tuesday post, hosted at the wonderful The Broke and the Bookish. I always look at them, think that's a great idea, then get freaked out because I'll never be able to think of ten things. Irrational fear. I know. But new year, new attempt so here we go with my Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2013. A list that may or may not overlap with last week's resolutions.

1. Read Outside my Comfort Zone

Like I said in my New Year's Resolutions post, I tend to stick to one particular genre. I read a ton of historical fiction to the exclusion of almost everything else. I would love to start reading some fantasy this year, I've had some incredibly large fantasy novels given to me by friends and I should really get a start on them.

2. Read ALL the Books I Purchase

Like so many of you out there I have a compulsive book buying habit. I see, I want, I buy. I should probably make better use of my library, but c'est la vie. I have amassed a huge collection of books which I sadly have yet to read. I started reading them in 2012 and I made a dent, but I've got a ton more to go and I'm sure I'll keep buying throughout the year, so I've got my work cut out for me.

3. Return Library Books On Time

I like to make use of my local library. It's my attempt to save money (see goal 2). Here's the thing, my books are always late. I love the books so much I don't want to return them or I took out too many and I can't read them all in two weeks or I just forget when they're due back. So I need to fix that. I literally have hundreds of dollars in fines wracked up at the library. It's embarrassing and frankly I can't afford it.

4. Tackle Some of the Classics

While it's true I read a lot of "literature" for lack of a better world, I tend to focus on specific authors. I've read Jane Austen's books a million times, a little Tolstoy. I haven't even really made a dent in the classics though. There are so many from so many different countries and I want to read them all. I know that's kind of a ridiculous goal, but one book at a time right? Maybe this is the year I'll finally get through Mill on the Floss? I somehow doubt that though.

5. Read Some Feminist Literature

By that I mean I'd really like to read a lot of books with strong female characters this year. I don't mean literally kick-ass Buffy style strong female characters (although those are pretty awesome too). I just mean I'd like to read about women who can make decisions, stand up for themselves, don't necessarily need a man or relationship etc. Some books that focus on female friendships would be great too. I'm thinking I can combine goals four and five and read some Margaret Atwood, adding a little Canadian content in on the side?

6. Read More Non-Fiction

I have a ton of non-fiction books that I want to read. I love reading about these interesting ideas and concepts, but I don't like reviewing them. Plus they take me a lot longer to read so I tend to avoid them. But I miss non-fiction. I keep buying them and they keep piling up. I'd love to make a dent in the pile and really ponder the ideas presented in these books.

7. Read Something Every Month

I was a terrible blogger in the past year. There were entire months I read nothing. I got so stressed out and I just avoided life, including things I really love. I don't want to avoid reading again. If there's a month when I can only read a book or two, that's fine, but I don't want to give it up entirely. If I don't have time to pick up a book with my morning coffee I'm taking that as a sign I'm doing something wrong.

8. Finish Songs of Fire and Ice

My friend lent me Game of Thrones and it took me four months to read. Fantasy isn't really my preferred genre and it was just so long. I was entranced by the end, sending her texts saying things like "OH MY GOD. WHY WHY DO I GET ATTACHED NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS WHEN I GET ATTACHED" I finished the book, borrowed Clash of Kings and I've barely started it. I really want to make it through the series if only so I can say I did it and make a friend incredibly happy.

9. Comment More/Become More Involved

I read so many book blogs. I love following them and reading about other people's opinions. So many books I read in the past year I learned about through blogs. I try to comment, but I always worry that what I have to say isn't important, is redundant or just plain useless. Basically, I over think commenting, tweeting and all other forms of communication. So super awkward over here man! But this is such a great community and I'd love to get more involved in it.

10. Go to a Bookish Event in Real Life

I need to keep my eyes peeled for authors visiting my hometown. I live in a fairly major city and I know there have been events taking place near me, but I've never gone. I'd like to change that.

So what are your bookish goals for 2013? I'd love to hear!

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