Review Policy

It looks like you've stumbled across my blog somehow and are maybe wondering if I'm the right person to review a book.

What is it that I review?
I review books of most genres. I read mostly young adult and adult fiction. I'm pretty much in love with historical fiction and read almost all things contemporary. I'm starting to delve into science fiction and fantasy and am open to all genres. If your book sounds interesting, I'll read it.

What format?
I can accept galleys, ARCS, audiobooks and finished copies. I cannot however accept ebooks as I'm one of those starving artist types without an ereader.

Turnaround Time?
I try to read all books sent to me as quickly as possible, but please remember I do have a busy life outside of this blog. If you send me a review copy of your book I will try to publish it on or near the publishing date. If you need it posted on a particular day please let me know and I will do my best to make it happen.

A Little About Me and my Reviews
I write a conversational blog about the books I read. This isn't about high literary criticism. That being said, I write what I think and I unfortunately love every book.

I post my reviews on this blog and on Goodreads. I also post a link to each blog post on Twitter.

If you have any other questions or need to contact me, please email me at thebackstagebooklover[@] Just take the parentheses out and you're good to go.

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