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A Foreign Affair by Caro Peacock

TITLE:  A Foreign Affair
AUTHOR: Caro Peacock
PUBLISHER/YEAR: Avon Books/2007
GENRE: Historical Fiction
SERIES: Yes. This is the first in the Liberty Lane series. Other books have titles such as Death of a Dancer.
SOURCE: Purchased with my own money. 

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Summary From the Author's Website
 Liberty Lane's debut in the summer of 1837. Liberty's father is dead. She's been told he died in a duel, but knows it's a black lie. Her determination to prove it takes her to the heart of events that could shake the throne of young Queen Victoria. 

I have to admit, I had no idea what to expect from this book? I didn't have high expectations from the get go. It was one of those books you buy because it's a dollar in the sale section, you know? But you know what? It surprised me. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I've read some reviews that call it formulaic and it may be, but I was riveted to the twists and turns. 

Liberty Lane is a strong female heroine and just happens to be living in the Victorian era. Disclaimer, I adore historical fiction and I love that this one mixed history with a completely fictional conspiracy theory. Liberty herself is a fantastic character. She exhibits qualities and expresses ideas that are brave. She's headstrong. She does what needs to be done and if that means she acts rashly on occasion, well so be it. I think she was my favourite part of this novel because even when faced with extraordinary circumstances Liberty maintains a form of clam and is able to continue. She has help, but never relies on it too heavily. The other characters could have been fleshed out better, but I'm hoping that as the series continues the main supporting characters will find their footing. 

Another thing that I really loved was that their wasn't an emphasis on relationships! In so many of the books that I read there's a love interest that's so easily pin-pointable. It drives me crazy. This book has a few potential future interests, but romance wasn't a part of Liberty's plan and it's just a hint. There's no actual romance in this book. I have nothing against romance and relationships; it's just a nice change to have a totally unattached female heroine. 

A Foreign Affair is a mystery at heart and I thought it was a well executed one. I would have never guessed the ending which I think is the mark of a good mystery. And a mystery that also has a political conspiracy intertwined? Well I think that's just love. Characters that I wanted to trust were found to be a part of the problem and vice versa. The historical section was quite well researched. I'm not an expert on the era, but from what I can remember from my history degree a lot rang true. 

Would I read this book again? Yes. And I'm definitely going to try to track down the series. It's not a series that I just have to read right this minute and will die if I don't! But it's a captivating story and Liberty Lane is just downright good fun. 
                                                Happy Reading Everybody!

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