Monday, January 28, 2013

Genre Jumping

aspiring to read like this baby. 

You guys, I'm having an issue right now and it has to do with reading. See the thing is I love reading novels and am so into YA right now, but something's missing. Since I graduated a few months ago I haven't been reading a lot of non-fiction and I miss it. But I can't really review it here. It just doesn't seem to fit. So how do I go about balancing my two great loves? I'm pretty sure I should just teach myself to read at freaky baby speed. 

Like I love love love fiction, just check out my last review for proof. But I am missing the heavy duty university texts right now. I just went out and bought some Judith Butler to read for pleasure. Who does that? There's nothing like some look at gendered performativity to brighten up the day. But seriously, the need to read is getting bad man. 

Pretty soon I'm going to be reading up on my semiotics and speech act theory. These are the things that gave all theatre students nightmares in third year. 

I clearly need to add some balance in my life before I rob a university bookstore for a fix. I mean it's either that or go back to for some grad school. 

So how can I write a review for some freakin' complex theories on a blog like this? These books take awhile to get through. Should I just start applying theory to review, that sounds pretty tedious. I need to work this out though! Tips? Tricks? Advice? Anyone? 


  1. Okay, I might not feel the need for uni texts the way you do, but I am SO wishing I could read with baby speed. LOVE that pic!

    1. I had way too much fun looking through gifs online the other night. They're addictive.