Thursday, March 7, 2013

Escape Theory by Margaux Froley

TITLE: Escape Theory
AUTHOR: Margaux Froley
PUBLISHER/YEAR: Soho Teen / March 12, 2013
SOURCE: Received for Review via Netgalley

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I love love love going into a book knowing nothing about it and coming out pleasantly surprised. I also love being sucked into high school dramas. The WB was pretty much on all the time in my house when I was in high school and well, Escape Theory reminds me a lot of the shows I used to watch. It's not super deep, but incredibly entertaining and despite the drama, pretty relatable.

So Escape Theory centres on Devon, a sixteen year old junior at the elite Keaton boarding school is the school's first peer counselor. She's always been a bit of an outsider at school so she figures, why not join this program and boost her chances of being accepted at a choice university. Of course, this was all before the apparent suicide of Jason Hutchins. He was one of the popular kids and had seemingly no connection to Devon, save for the fact that they had a little known bond dating back to freshman year. The drama soon becomes mystery as Devon tries to figure out exactly why he died.

Safe to say, I kind of loved this book. I was never in boarding school, but boarding school books remind me a lot of what it was like living in the dorms first year university. I got so sucked into this story because I was like what, first day, sitting alone, debating whether or not to head down to the school approved fun? Yup. There's something about being a teenager and living without any parents in a building where everybody else is your age that creates memories. Both good and bad. This book got me on the nostalgia train. Like, water balloons being thrown at freshman or not wanting to go the dining hall because the walk is just too far. Memories. So many memories. Basically, this book made me miss living with all of my friends and acquaintances and the bonds that form in tight quarters over the course of four years.

I mean, it wasn't just that that got me liking this book. I think it was a genuinely entertaining story with a lot of emotion. Hutch is this popular guy who apparently commits suicide although Devon's out to prove it's murder. But Devon's feelings were genuine. There were a lot of characters with their own issues, but the things they were dealing with felt authentic as did their reactions. These are some troubled kids dealing with really big things, but I never felt like there was drama for drama's sake.

There were times in the book I was like seriously guys. Can you please open your eyes? Because Devon isn't perfect. I mean I relate to her and kind of like that she has this outsider status, but isn't a total loner. There are a few moments where I was just like okay now they're just making her dumb to drag this out and create some sort of cliffhanger. Mild annoyance. But overall, I just really loved here and could feel for her. And through her eyes, I felt I got to know Hutch and wished he was still alive. It wasn't a super deep book, but it definitely touched me and I can appreciate that.

So if you're looking for a fun boarding school book that actually packs a bit of an emotional punch, pick this one up. I really enjoyed it; it's just what I was looking for in a contemporary at the moment.


  1. love your review!! I didn't hear about this book until I did my list for books coming out this week and I spotted it. Yours is the first review I've read for it and it sounds fab!! I love boarding school books- they remind me of Harry Potter even though most are not magical, and like you said the dorms at college!!! I miss the dorms... kinda.

    1. Thank you! I haven't read too much about this book or the publisher really, but this book was great and a lot of their other books sound equally as good! Although, I haven't read them. I love your comparison to Harry Potter, it's so true. Something about young people living away from home.