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This Girl by Colleen Hoover | Book Review

TITLE: This Girl
AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover
PUBLISHER/YEAR: Atria Books / April 30, 2013
SERIES: Yes, the final book in the Slammed series
SOURCE: For Review From Publisher via NetGalley

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Okay, I'll admit it, I don't really know where to begin with this review. This is the third book in the Slammed series and I've slowly been losing interest with it. It's not the book, it's me. Yup, I went there, using the classic break up cliche. When I first read Slammed I loved it. I was swooning all over the place for Will and Layken and went through like an entire box of tissues I was crying so much. Then I read Point of Retreat and I loved them a little less. I think This Girl finally broke me. While Slammed was something new for me and totally heartbreaking and swoon worthy, I found Point of Retreat a little melodramatic and well This Girl while less melodramatic than it's predecessor didn't win back my original love.

Basically  This Girl tells Will and Layken's story from Will's perspective. It takes place the night of their honeymoon and Will tells Layken exactly what was going on his mind during those first few months, before their relationship fully began. It was interesting, but it really was just a retelling of the first novel. However, I did appreciate a slightly more tempered voice in Will than I found with Layken.

Within the Slammed world, Will has always been one of my favourite characters. There are some really solid supporting characters who hold my heart, but Will is up there. I've always found Layken to be kind of self centered, jumping to conclusions, never actually talking through her problems, instead making rash decisions. Will's sort of the one in my mind to counter balance her. He's older, a little more mature, imperfect, sure, but slightly more reasonable. So I really did enjoy the story from his POV. I liked seeing his reactions to certain situations and his interactions with friend/student Gavin definitely made me laugh.

That's kind of where my love for this particular book ended though. I just don't think it added all that much to the story and the flashback set up just didn't work for me. While I enjoyed the flashbacks, everything that was set in the present was too sappy for words.

This one is going to be a short review since  I feel like everything that I've said in my past ones kind of sums it up. Nothing all that new was added to the story. For fans of the series I think it's definitely worth a read, especially if you're a Will fan like I am, but it's not the first book I would recommend to somebody who's not already totally invested in the relationship. There were enjoyable moments, but overall, there are other Hoover books that I'd recommend first.

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