Monday, October 3, 2016

On My Playlist...

I know I normally post about books (you know, when I post at all), but to be perfectly honest, I haven't read much recently and I'm one hundred percent okay with that. I'm tired! I want to get home from work and collapse on the couch in front of some new netflix program that requires zero effort. Sure that might not be what I envision for long term life success, but for now it is so needed. On my way to work instead of a book I pop in my headphones, listen to whatever's on my iPhone and zone out. So what's on my playlist? Podcasts for life everyone. Podcasts full of cultural criticism and smart, funny women who brighten up my morning commute.

1. 2 Dope Queens
This show is hilarious. I started listening at the very end of Season 1 last year, but have been following season 2 religiously. Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams host a live comedy show, host other comedians and talk about sex, race, celebrity crushes, like basically everything you can think of. It is whip smart, topical and makes me laugh out loud on the bus at 8 in the morning. I first found it through Nylon magazine I think; started listening because Jessica Williams was one of my favourite parts of The Daily Show and I've been hooked ever since.

2. Retail Nightmares
Retail Nightmares is a podcast hosted by Alicia Tobin and Jessica Delisle. Made in Vancouver BC, they host mainly local comedians, musicians, creative types and they all tell stories about, you guessed it, retail nightmares. The stories range from funny to so awful it's still kind of funny, but at the same time ouch. I like hearing about other people's experiences working in the retail and/or food service industry. Even though I'm a few years out of it now, those memories stick with you. It's super funny and definitely on my weekly listening radar.

3. Call Your Girlfriend
Their tag line is "A podcast for long distance besties everywhere" and that's pretty apt. Hosted by Amitou Sow and Ann Friedman, these two friends call each other and talk about all things politics and pop culture through a feminist lens. The topics vary but the critique is always spot on. I have to save this one for when I'm in the mood to make myself really angry because the cultural critique and discussions are so good and make me think. It's been recommended time and again by so many outlets for good reason.

A few other shows that I regularly queue up, but haven't gotten around to playing recently include Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time PeriodBitch Media's Popaganda and Nerdette. All three of these shows are fantastic, each deserves a write up, but I am woefully behind in my listening. That has nothing to do with the quality of these shows. They're fantastic. Listen to them, like all of them.

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